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6 Famous Sports Products – Do They Work?

by Noah
Sports Products

Here are some products that market themselves as miracle performance boosters.

Sports Accessories and Products – Do Any Of Them Work?

1. Power Balance Bracelets

Modern Day Wonder Woman Bracelets

These funky bracelets were a big hit in the 2010’s. Shaquille O’Neal even said that this thing made his vertical leap significantly higher and boosted his stamina.

In short, the claim was: wear this bad boy and you will instantly become a superhero.

Then this happened. The company got sued for false advertising and false claims because; Duh. No bracelet in the world can help you be like Michael Jordan or any other professional athlete.

The holographic stickers with magnetic properties can help your body function better especially if you’re doing physical activities? That was the claim. Seems completely ridiculous and totally unbelievable.

I’ll score this product 2/10. 1 for the effort. 1 for its cool looking design.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.

Warning: Product may cause uncontrollable strength. (It definitely won’t)

2. Gatorade

The Best Players Drinks This Stuff. Why Shouldn’t You?

You probably bought this product even if you’re not playing basketball or some other sport. I am personally a big fan of this product because of its awesome taste.

But does it Really Work as Marketed?

They say that this product re hydrates your body, replenishes lost minerals and electrolytes, therefore boosting your performance when doing any strenuous activity that needs physical endurance.

We are not quite certain on this one because of the lack of evidence in support of their claims. Some experts say that over hydration poses more threat than dehydration in certain circumstances.

A placebo effect also plays a vital role while using this product. Mainly because, you feel thirsty when your body needs water. Gatorade contains water, of course. It also contains a whole lot of sugar.

Okay, due to its sweet taste and thirst quenching ability (mainly because it has water in it), and the Michael Jordan commercials back in the 90’s, I’ll score this product 8/10. I wanna be Like Mike!

3. Copper Compression Sleeves

Okay. Most of you have probably heard of this product. It’s the current big thing.

This product is infused with copper and it says it supports muscles, provides support for stiffness, and soreness, as well as aids in recovery and performance by supporting improved circulation and oxygenation, so on and so forth. (some of the copper compression sleeves make different claims depending on the company that makes / sells them).

But Tommie Copper owner Thomas Kallish was fined $1.35 million due to false advertising with their over priced products.

This might raise a red flag for you. But if you try it, it does appear that the product has some scientific backing and that it should work in supporting your joints and ligaments.

Scientifically the seeming benefit of the copper in the material is that it helps to neutralize odors.

I guess some of the claims claims seem to have some merit.

However make no mistake there is still no scientific evidence that proves wearing these things can cure any ailment period.

So. I will score this product 7/10 because of the shady claims in the past, but overall, it seems to be a good product in my opinion.

Don’t go wearing all of these at the same time, of course. You will look like a scuba diver rather than a golf player.

4. Shape Up Shoes

These shoes are just like your simple everyday shoes – they just seem to have a larger sole.

The product was marketed for people who want to shed more pounds with their daily morning walk. It says it can also shape your butt. Wow!

They advertised the shoes to double up your calorie loss with every step.

But do they Actually Work?

Studies show that wearers of these kind of shoes are very prone to injuries like sprains and broken bones because of the increased difficulty in walking. No evidence supports their claim that these shoes double up your exercise load. So, you decide.

But if you really want to shed some pounds, just pick up your ordinary shoes and make the duration of your jogging longer. Most shortcuts to good health don’t really work, people. Especially the ones that involve wearing some sort of extra special clothing.

I’ll score this product 4/10. 4 for its cool(ish) design and funny commercials. Nothing else.

5. Shake Weights

Shake Your Way To Fitness!

I know, this product is not really a “Sports Product”.

But we really can’t take off this product on the list.

I can’t really believe that the makers of this phallic looking “exercise” tool became millionaires. A ton of people bought this piece of garbage on the internet. I really believe some people mainly bought this just to see whether it really existed. Some bought it as a gag gifts for their friends.

But do they Work?

They marketed this thing as a quick and effective way to exercise. You’ll just shake it and you’re good to go. It will burn off your flabby arms and bellies. It’s just that simple.

Sadly, the answer is a NO. They don’t work (not as anything more than a weight). They never will. They are only good for laughs and to a much lesser degree as an annoying weight.

I’ll score this product a 2/10.  2 for being the funniest exercise tool ever.

6. Protein Drinks

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Drink of Choice

If you have a buff gym buddy, you will probably see them drinking this stuff every now and then.

Some are made with soy, whey and casein protein. But all of them serve the same purpose, to build muscle mass.

But do they Really Work?

Studies show that drinking protein-rich drinks like the one your gym buddy is drinking, make your damaged muscle regenerate faster because of the amino acid content. Which makes this product effective.

Athletes with injuries need more protein in their diet to repair their muscles.

But proceed with caution. Too much of a good thing is bad for you. Your intake should depend on your natural diet. Meaning if you have a lot of protein-rich food on your diet, the less protein shakes you need to drink to achieve that dream body of yours.

I’ll score this product 9/10. 9 for its efficacy and yummy taste (depending on which one you choose).

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