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How to Create an Online Basketball Profile

by Noah
Create an Online Basketball Profile

If you’ve put in the work to become a great basketball player, it might be time to let the world know about it. Not only will promoting your basketball skills help get you more publicity and opportunities to play, it could also lead to offers of scholarships and endorsements.

Here are four main ways to create an online profile for basketball players:

1. YouTube
As a baller, nothing beats posting highlight videos of mixtapes of your performances on YouTube. The world’s most popular video posting website can give you big audiences, including coaches, scouts, and members of the media.

2. MaxPreps
If you are a high school basketball player, MaxPreps is a must. You can edit your own bio and photo, and post team information and stats of your games. The site is easy to use and reaches an audience of millions.

Here is what a profile looks like on MaxPreps for basketball players. It’s a great resource for getting yourself promoted in the basketball world.

3. Hudl
Similar to MaxPreps, Hudl is an online service that promotes athletes from basketball and other sports. Coaches use Hudl to upload team stats, game footage, and other elements to improve team performance.

Creating a profile similar to this one on Hudl can get you great exposure to basketball coaches and others in the sports industry.

4. Instagram
Don’t forget the power of social networks, as well. Be sure that your Instagram profile contains your vital stats (height, position, school, teams) and that you post only the content you’d be proud to show coaches and scouts.

It’s also a good idea to follow others on Instagram that you’d love to get to know in the basketball world. After all, there’s a good chance they follow you back and are the first to see highlights and other items you post about your basketball career.

Start Posting & See the Results

By creating online profiles on these networks, your basketball career can begin to take flight.
You’ll begin building on your online presence to show your talents as a player, as well as the type of person you are.

If your goal is to play basketball at a higher level, promoting yourself online will get you in front of the coaches and scouts to help make that happen.

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